Amazon Sellers’ Guide: Trademark Law

Guide to Trademark Law by: CJ Rosenbaum Esq., Anthony Famularo Esq., Christopher Abiuso, and Benjamin Lobley

Amazon trademark infringement book by CJ Rosenbaum and the team at

Amazon Sellers’ Guide – Trademark Law – Intellectual Property Attorneys

I’m CJ Rosenbaum and I’m super proud of my team because we have a published the first ever book on trademark law solely focused on people and companies selling on the Amazon platform.

Trademark infringement on Amazon is a tremendous problem for both third party sellers who sell other brands and private label sellers who have their own brands they need to protect.

For more infoBook: Amazon Sellers Guide - Trademark Law 165x250Crmation about the book, to read online, or download it to read later, visit our book’s page.

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