Removing negative customer feedback helps get sellers reinstated. The better the state of your account is, the better the chance you have to get a faster reinstatement.

One particular client case of ours had a buyer who purchased a product and then posted negative feedback on the seller’s account claiming that they never received the product they ordered in an attempt to get free merchandise.

While it is completely unfair and dishonest for a consumer to do this to a seller; it is in the seller’s best interest to do whatever it takes to keep their account in good health. If a seller receives any type of notification, they should offer to allow the buyer to keep the product, or as in this case, offer to send them another one. The end goal is to get the negative feedback removed and avoid an account suspension.

In this particular case, these methods proved unsuccessful and we addressed a Plan of Action to get rid of the negative feedback. If an item is shipped on time using the Buy Shipping option, Amazon will usually strike through the negative feedback. It is very hard to prove this because this type of issue needs to be resolved by the Policy Teams division of Amazon as opposed to Seller Support.

Whenever you lose an ASIN or your entire account, a thorough investigation (Deep Dive) should be performed immediately to find out exactly what happened. In this case, the shipping options were what allowed our client to get the negative feedback removed from the account, which is now back up and running.

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