Forged / Manipulated Document Suspensions on Amazon – Plans of Actions, Appeals & Invoices

Forged and manipulated document suspensions on Amazon.

First, you need to know, do not alter your invoices at all. Don’t change anything. Don’t change the name, the address, the phone number, or your email address. Don’t change who they sold the products to. Amazon has ways of catching you changing documents. We don’t know what they are, but they are really good at it.

Also, do not add circles, rectangles, arrows, or anything at all in the documents. If you need to draw Amazon’s attention to something, submit two versions of the document – the original PDF and then one to dumb it down to make it easier for the person at Amazon who’s reading it.

The plan of action you submit must be concise and persuasive.

Here is a huge tip. Unless you are 100% certain that Amazon has caught you changing your documents, do not admit to doing anything wrong at all. If Amazon has totally busted you, and you’re sure of it, they are sure of it, no doubt about it, then I want you to try and blame it on somebody else if you can. If at all possible, it was a vendor, it was somebody else, the supplier, change people, whatever, try not to take the blame yourself. I do not believe it helps you when it comes to forged and manipulated documents.

To win a forged/manipulated document suspension, you have to submit good invoices.

We have tons of videos and articles on what good invoices should entail. The basics are that the names and the addresses match, your emails match. Everything must match so that Amazon staff in India cannot poke any holes in your invoices. Look for reasons that Amazon could find to disregard your invoices. If you have found anything, address that problem before you send the invoice to Amazon.

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