Amazon Sellers Receiving False Counterfeit Complaints Have Rights

In today’s tips for sellers, I’m going to talk to you about your rights if you receive a false counterfeit complaint.

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False counterfeit complaints are on the rise. Big brands are making the mistake of asserting false counterfeit complaints against you and closing your listings and your accounts to go down. The good news when it comes to false counterfeit complaints is that it gives you leverage over that brand. They have committed a tort. They have violated your rights. When you are the recipient of a false counterfeit complaint, you have leverage because you have two legal claims against that brand.

One: defamation.

You have been accused of a crime, and that means if you want to, you can sue that brand for all of your lost profits. You can even sue that brand for the decrease in the value of your account. Because you know as an Amazon seller, every single blemish on your account makes you more likely to get suspended and you can sue or threaten to sue for those damages.

Two: interference with contract.

All these big brands know that you have a contract with Amazon and by asserting a false counterfeit complaint against your account, they are interfering with that contract.

So you have two powerful claims. Don’t think I’m rushing you into court, I’m not. What I’m doing is letting you know about the incredible leverage you have against brands that make false counterfeit complaints against you.

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