Amazon Sellers News 11/8/19 with CJ Rosenbaum: False Counterfeit Complaints, Related Accounts, Inauthentic Suspensions & Invoices

If a brand has made a false counterfeit complaint against you, you have leverage against that brand (not Amazon).

We’re seeing an increase in those types of complaints.

Also, the Vorys law firm is at it again, and their practice seems to be skyrocketing.

If you received a Vorys threatening letter, you do not have to give any information to Vorys. I suggest you contact us because most of their allegations are baseless, but here and there, there are definitely some claims that they make that might have some merit against you.

Related Amazon Accounts

On Wednesday and Thursday, we saw a dramatic increase in numbers of calls/chats/emails of sellers regarding related account suspensions. Often, these are sellers who do not have more than one account and their accounts are being linked through some shared wifi or there are sellers who are running multiple accounts and are suddenly getting caught. So watch yourself if you’re operating related accounts, and if you’re not operating more than one account, make sure you’re never going on through somebody else’s wifi or a hotel or a Starbucks or a McDonald’s, etc.

ASIN variation suspensions continue to rise.

We’ve seen this since about Tuesday and I’ve been reporting it to you. You have to be super careful this time of year with how you’re listing your products and specifically parent-child listings. If you’re unsure what to do, contact us. But these types of suspensions are increasing.

Amazon giving you notice of one issue, you resolve that issue, and then Amazon sends another notice, “How about this IP complaint? What about a high ODR rate?”

So, Amazon will notice you for one particular issue, but in reality, your entire account needs to be cleaned up. This is kind of a new issue we’re seeing with Amazon sellers, so if you receive a notice, look at your account as a whole. Globally, how are you doing? First, wherever you’re sourcing your products from, it should be a place that’s verifiable. Amazon can call them. Amazon could look through Google Earth and see a commercial establishment. And they have a website, an internet presence. These things are vital.

Amazon Sellers News 11/8/19: Now, right now, Arthur, our incredible video editor, is putting on this screen slides from one of my presentations. Feel free to stop it and pause and take screenshots. These are issues you need to look at on your invoices before you send those invoices to Amazon, along with a concise and persuasive plan of action. Make sure the supplier has certain aspects. Make sure your side of the invoice has certain aspects. If you’re a private label seller, we’re also giving you tips and clues on what you need to look at, what you need to submit to Amazon, so that if you get hit with an inauthentic and they’re looking at your invoices, you are giving the best presentation possible for Amazon staff in India to reinstate you quickly.

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