Amazon’s Refusal To Release Money & False Counterfeit Complaints

Amazon Sellers News 11/12/19 with CJ Rosenbaum: Amazon Seller False Counterfeit Complaints, Related Accounts & Amazon’s Refusal To Release Money

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Amazon’s Refusal to Release Money
Here’s one case example of Breuer v. American Express Bank

Lieb Breuer and Sam’s Distribution, LLC v. American Express Bank, 2014 NY Slip Op 31698 (U) (N.Y. Sup. Ct., 6/30/2014). This is a financial and debt case involving plaintiffs Lieb Breuer and Sam’s Distribution, LLC (Plaintiff),, Inc., and American Express Bank.

Case Details: Plaintiffs initially purchased 2,958 Bluetooth headsets from, totaling $138,996.42. They used an American Express card to make this purchase. Later, they returned all of the headsets and requested a refund. Amazon refunded only a portion of the total price of their original purchase. Plaintiffs sued Amazon for the remainder of the funds from the returned Bluetooth headsets.

Amazon issued a refund of $37,307.54, leaving a remainder of $83,410.26 owed to the plaintiffs. The court ordered Amazon to issue a complete refund to the plaintiffs. The funds were requested by the Plaintiff in the form of a check. Instead, Amazon issued the remaining funds back to the American Express credit card that was used for the initial purchase.

Learn more of this case’s details in our Amazon law library.

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