WHAT AMAZON SELLERS NEED TO KNOW – Expedited vs. Non-Expedited Arbitration Cases

Time and money. Those are the big differences.

When you compare an expedited arbitration against Amazon and a non-expedited arbitration against Amazon, what am I talking about in terms of time?

If you file for expedited arbitration, meaning you are seeking damages up to $50,000, your case should be over win, lose, whatever, within 90 days of filing the arbitration, you have a right to demand that the hearing occurs within 30 days of the preliminary conference. So time is much faster expedited because if it’s not expedited, it could literally go on for six, nine, or 12 months with extensive discovery on both sides.

When it comes to money, the big difference is the cost of the arbitrator, him or herself. If it’s expedited, it is one flat fee of $600 per side. So you are capped at 600 bucks.

If it’s non-expedited arbitration cases, you’re going to get stuck paying an hourly rate to that arbitrator. The cheapest ones you’re going to see are roughly $300 an hour, the most expensive or around $600 an hour, but you’re going to end up paying every time the clock is running.

So time expedited is much, much faster and money expedited as much cheaper, not just because the filing fees are a little bit less, but because you never get stuck paying an hourly wage to the individual arbitrator.

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