Employment Law Issues for Amazon Sellers

As your Amazon-based business grows, you’re going to hire staff, and staff means employment issues.

American Association for JusticeMany Amazon sellers don’t know this, but before pivoting into only helping people in companies that are selling products on Amazon, I led a huge contingent of employment lawyers through the American Association for Justice. I was the chair of a group of over 6,000 lawyers who did nothing but work on employment law issues.

Employment issues include: discrimination policies or anti-discrimination policies, wage and hour liabilities, non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements.

Many times when you employ people, you don’t tend to act until there’s a problem. Two things you need to know: One, it is always best to plan in advance and make sure you are in compliance with your state and federal employment regulations. Number two, if you have an issue, before you react, before you write anything, before you say anything to that employee who may have legal claims against you, make sure that you consult with an attorney so that you don’t do anything or write anything that may make the situation worse or create liability upon yourself or your company where no liability may exist.

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