Are You Eligible For Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon?

Amazon Introduces Enhanced Brand Content For Some Third Party Sellers

Are You Eligible For Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon?After rolling out the Amazon A+ Content program earlier this year, Amazon has made another change to the feature that will affect third party sellers in a positive way.

Amazon now offers Enhanced Brand Content, another tool in every seller’s arsenal that they should explore when trying to figure out the best way to stand apart from the competition.

Enhanced Brand Content is currently available at no cost for a limited time to third party sellers on Amazon, but if you aren’t sure exactly what it means, allow us to explain.


What is Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)?

Enhanced Brand Content gives sellers the ability to more fully customize product descriptions on their branded ASINs. Sellers can now go above and beyond presenting the basic product information and display it in a much more captivating way to (hopefully) capture the attention of buyers.

Some of the ways Amazon third party sellers can now achieve this is by including things like enhanced images and more detailed product information that can A) transform uncertain buyers into actual buyers by improving conversion rates and B) minimize the risk of having a product returned by offering more information than ever before to meet the customer’s expectation. Enhanced Brand Content may also help increase your traffic by improving visibility on your products.


What’s the Benefit of Enhanced Brand Content?

Enhanced Brand Content helps consumers easily digest relevant information about your ASINs, which can help drive conversions. In fact, Amazon reports seeing up to a 10% increase in sales on products that contain A+ content.

And it’s not just the products themselves that benefit from this enhanced brand content. Sellers can differentiate their brand by displaying a unique brand story, which can eventually lead to better ad performance and revenue.


How Do You Set Up Enhanced Brand Content?

There’s already a great guide on how to set up A+ Content that will walk you through the process. Before you can do that, however, you have to register your brand on the Amazon Brand Registry since Enhanced Brand Content is only currently available to Brand Registered sellers (excluding certain categories like books, video, and a few others).


Things Sellers Need To Be Aware Of

It’s important for third party sellers to be familiar with EBC’s limitations to avoid Amazon suspension. Here are a few rules for those considering utilizing Enhanced Brand Content on their ASINs:

  • Listing any guarantees
  • Using images that copy Amazon’s logo or any other trademark infringement
  • Including links that lead buyers off of Amazon
  • Uploading low-resolution images
  • Listing typos or other grammatical errors

There are more limitations that may land you in hot water with Amazon, but hopefully this gives you a good idea of the high-quality content that Amazon is demanding for this program.

If you haven’t seen this feature available in your Seller Dashboard yet, don’t panic. Amazon is rolling Enhanced Brand Content out slowly, so it’s possible you’ll gain access to this new feature in the future. And when you do, you should check it out immediately. The free trial period likely won’t last forever and it may be a valuable addition to your Amazon strategy.

If you still have questions about this new Enhanced Brand Content program, drop us a line at or check out our Amazon Law Library for in-depth legal expertise on everything Amazon.


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