Join CJ Rosenbaum as he interviews Liz Fickenscher of eComEngine. Discussing inventory and Q4.

WEBINAR WEDNESDAY with eComEngine: Software for Amazon Sellers

Are you prepared for Q4? It’s not too late!

eComEngine offers innovative tools for Amazon merchants, from enterprise sellers, to those who are just getting started. Their software automates processes such as feedback management and product pricing to help merchants grow revenue, increase profitability, and become more efficient. Learn more about their software designed specifically for Amazon merchants: FeedbackFive, eComSpy, ReStockPro and SmartPrice.

Amazon Seller Central MarketingLiz Fickenscher is the Industry Liaison for eComEngine.

She is committed to providing valuable information to Amazon sellers through blog posts and informational webinars. Liz is also the affiliate ambassador, and engages with customers and strategic partners to build relationships between eComEngine and the eCommerce Industry.

eComEngine is the maker of FeedbackFive, the industry’s first feedback automation tool, RestockPro, a smart inventory management tool, and eComSpy, a market intelligence tool that helps sellers on the Amazon marketplace make good decisions about which items to stock in their stores.

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