Demands for Arbitration Against Amazon

Conor Wiggins & CJ Rosenbaum discuss arbitration against Amazon:

In your contract with Amazon, you give up the right to take Amazon to court. But what you gain is the ability to have all your disputes resolved through arbitration, which is much faster and cheaper.

What a demand for arbitration is, how we draft it, and what we do with it:

Amazon stipulates that all of your issues are to be resolved in arbitration. Despite that, a lot of the time they will still try to avoid arbitration because they just want to remove the seller and try and keep your money. We are here to not let that happen. We send out a paper that says we demand to go to the hearing and arbitrate it with you.

We sit one on one with clients and figure out exactly what goes into this demand for arbitration. We can highlight how you have been a consistent seller, how you have excellent reviews, etc. We take the fight right to Amazon and take the decisions out of their hands. The demand for arbitration is the very first step. We work with the seller, identify what the issues are, and make sure that the arguments we make are persuasive.

How you get into the process of arbitration against Amazon:

The piece of paper itself is mailed to two locations – the Triple A’s office and the other is sent to Amazon’s location out in Nevada. Both parties will see it and then review it and that will be the first document that the arbitrator has when we actually sit down and go to the arbitration proceedings. That document is what they are going to keep referring to throughout the proceedings.

If you draft a powerful, concise and persuasive arbitration, there’s also a significant possibility that Amazon will eventually settle the case and not require you to go through the hearing.


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