3 Vital Tips for Dealing with an Amazon Inauthentic Suspension / Allegation

How to write a plan of action / Amazon appeal when you receive an inauthentic suspension / allegation from Amazon.

Inauthentic Suspension Tip #1:

You need to know how to write a plan of action. You need the basic structure, and we have dozens of videos on every single portion of this, but the basic structure is this. One, root cause. You have to do a deep dive investigation into your own business. Identify the root cause. Number two, what is your immediate corrective action? What did you do to try and make Amazon’s customer? And those are some of the words you need to use. What did you do to make Amazon’s customer happier in light of the issue. And number three, your systemic or long term changes or improvements to your business so that you can persuade Amazon that it will not have any more issues with you or your account. You need to know the basic structure. Those are the three sections we use. Again, watch our videos on how to write your own plan of action.

Inauthentic Suspension Tip #2:

When it comes to inauthentics, it’s invoices, invoices, invoices.. That’s what inauthentic means. Amazon wants to see documentation as to where you source your products. Now we also have entire videos, an entire webinar on how you can look at your invoices, just like Amazon does, what you need to look for before you send that invoice over to Amazon because the overall goal of sending any invoice to Amazon is to show them where you source your product, and also not to allow Amazon staff to be able to poke any holes into your invoices.

Inauthentic Suspension Tip #3:

This is the most vital thing you need to know about. A plan of action or an Amazon appeal is nothing more than an exercise in persuasive writing. That is why we are so great at writing plans of action because we have nothing but college educated paralegals who are insanely good writers, identify the issue, write persuasively. I think the most important thing you need to know about is to never, ever, ever admit that you did anything wrong, unless you are certain that Amazon knows it and you are totally caught, okay? Because you never want to admit to doing something wrong because that will kill you later on if you should need to take Amazon to arbitration.

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