15 Days till Q4 – Copyright Complaints & DMCA Counter Notices

Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, if you are the recipient of a copyright complaint, and you’re sure that it is absolutely nonsense, or you are certain that that company will never actually file a lawsuit against you, you can get rid of that complaint by having us draft and serve a DMCA counter notice.

A counter notice goes to whomever made the complaint, and says their complaint is baseless, and that you didn’t violate anyone’s IP rights. And guess what? You can either start a lawsuit in a federal court or your complaint will disappear, and will be removed from your Amazon account.

Counter notices are incredibly powerful, but they’re also a bit dangerous. Some brands may actually file that lawsuit, and then you are stuck defending yourself. So, only use it when, one, you are certain you never violated anyone’s copyright. And number two, you are certain that that brand will never actually bring a lawsuit.

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