How to Avoid Compatibility Issues Listing Products on Amazon

Hi everyone. Thank you for joining me for your Amazon Insider Information. My name is Alexa, and today I’m going to be talking to you about compatibility issues.

You can get into a lot of different issues for improperly listing your products on Amazon.

A very simple problem that a lot of sellers face, especially when they’re new, is compatibility issues. So if you’re selling a product that is compatible with another product, let’s say ink cartridges that are compatible with a Brother printer. If you were to list this ink cartridge, you want your buyers to know that they can use this ink cartridge on any type of Brother printer.

The right way to do this is to say the third party brand that is making this product in your listing title in your general description. Then later in that title in a general description saying compatible for Brother printer, whatever number. This is the same way you can do it with a lot of other products. They want compatible products to be sold. Even something like a Keurig Little Cup. If it’s not a Keurig branded product, you must write whatever the third party brand is, K-Cup or not, or whatever cup, and then compatible with Keurig brand, model number, etc.

This will help you avoid getting compatibility issues on Amazon. But further than that, compatibility issues can cause inauthentics, copyright complaints and other problems that could lead to suspensions, which you don’t need to get if you are properly listing your products just from the get-go in the title and the description.

So with these tips, I hope you’ve learned something from this video. Thank you for joining us.

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