ANOTHER AMAZING REVIEW FOR CJ ROSENBAUM. Amazon Sellers’ Lawyer, CJ Rosenbaum helped one Amazon seller with a hacked Amazon account. $35,000 was taken out. CJ helped this seller get his funds back.

“CJ will always pick up the phone and answer your questions.. I would only hire CJ for any issues going forward..”

While Amazon sellers have no control over an unauthorized user, the result is the same: a performance notification indicating that your selling privileges have been removed. Furthermore, Amazon reserves the right to suspend the listing, the seller account, and/or withhold funds if necessary, until the issues are resolved.

If your Amazon account has been hacked, call us any day, any time, for a free consultation 1-877-9-SELLER.

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“If an Amazon seller’s account is actually hacked, one thing we have done to successfully get the suspended account reinstated is to set up a two step verification process. To avoid this issue altogether, it is in the seller’s best interest to preemptively set up this verification process before an issue arises.”

~ Kerry McDonald, Senior Managing Paralegal, Rosenbaum Famularo, PC