There are two main reasons why Chinese sellers should trust us more than anybody else who helps sellers:

China e-commerce#1) Everything a Chinese seller tells us about their business, every time they describe a product to us, we keep all that information secret. Nobody in our office sells anything so we can’t use their ideas to compete against them. If you tell another seller what you do and what you’re selling, they’re going to copy you and steal your idea.

#2) Many people who work with Amazon sellers have cooperation and affiliates, meaning they’re getting money from other companies and they’re giving money for sending them clients. We do not accept any money from anybody to send clients to us and we certainly don’t pay anybody for recommending us. Every single organization, every company that recommends us, does it because we are the best. We get Chinese Amazon sellers back online the fastest and we have the highest rate of success and they can trust us because we’re not giving money back and forth. Knowing is paying us to give clients and knowing is getting money from us. We work entirely for the Amazon sellers and that’s why Amazon sellers in China and all over the world trust us more than anybody else to write their Plans of Action.

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