Amazon Sellers’ News 11/29/19: Reinstatement Success, Changes to Accounts Causing Suspensions & Forged Documents

Welcome Amazon sellers to Black Friday 2019.

I hope everyone had an absolutely killer Thanksgiving. I only escaped my family to handle about a dozen emails and phone calls for suspended sellers. But I’m going to use today’s news broadcast to tell you about the insane amount of successes the sellers that are selling today on Black Friday because of my incredible team. Then I’m going to give you the breaking news about changes to your account causing suspensions, (which is ridiculous this time of year to change anything at all), and also forged documents. You guys have to be careful through the end of the year so you can make as many sales as possible. So here’s what my team did..

Here are the sellers that we have reinstated that are selling today because of the absolutely incredible people working in my firm:

Travis Stockman: 11 different IP complaints reinstated for Black Friday.

Ashley DiPinto: (one of my favorite paralegals) inauthentic suspension reinstated with a lot of consumer complaints.

Lauren Tonetti, one of the newest members of our team, IP complaints about a client of ours.

Dana Rodriguez, a drop shipper who’s retained us now for several years on an hourly basis, has had a tremendous amount of counterfeit complaints and Dana got him reinstated in time for it today.

David Miller, one of our attorneys, trademark complaint where our client was 100% guilty. We made a settlement agreement and he is back selling today on Black Friday. David also won the case of a duplicate listing.

Alexa Allers, a tremendous paralegal on David’s team, got a seller reinstated after multiple IP complaints. Another seller she had reinstated after a hijacker. The hijacker was taking over the listing, probably the vendor account and changing the number of products.

Anthony Zang, a newer member of our team, counterfeit complaints and an IP complaint by one of the largest companies in the world. Apple, Anthony, you beat Apple. Congratulations. We got that seller back in time for Black Friday.

Zachary Coles who was one of our experts when it comes to booksellers, got a bookseller back online. He also got two other sellers back online in time for Black Friday, one for review manipulation and the other who had multiple intellectual property rights complaints against him.

Jacques Lavaud is an incredible paralegal here, he got too used sold as new back on line back in time for Black Friday.

Vin Famularo, a counterfeit complaint, got a German account back online in time for Black Friday and an inauthentic back in business for Black Friday.

I’m super proud of my team.

To sellers around the world, your confidence in us is well-placed because I have the best team in the entire world getting sellers’ accounts back on.

Changes to Your Amazon Account

If you are selling and doing business right now, do not change your credit card. Do not change your bank account. Do not switch right now from personal sales to corporate. Do not change anything at all. Changes cause suspensions, and over the last few days we’ve seen a rise in sellers making changes and getting suspended.

Forged Documents

Even if you get a listing suspension, your best listing suspended, even if your account goes down.. do not forge documents this time of year. Reach out to us. Reach out to your supplier, reach out for help, get a duplicate invoice, use a credit card. Use a canceled check. Use anything at all that is real. Do not submit forge documents right now. It makes it very hard to get you back on before Christmas.

Thank you for watching Amazon Sellers’ News 11/29/19