Amz Sellers News 11/7/19 with CJ Rosenbaum: Amazon Seller Business Verification, VORYS Letters, Inauthentic Suspensions

Business verification and the new Terms of Service.

On August 16, 2019, Amazon imposed a brand new TOS on sellers in the United States, and all sellers selling in the United States, and it included an amplified version of business verification. All sellers are now subject to ongoing business verification. The number one issue is a utility bill. If Amazon asks you for any documents, if it asks you for a utility bill, give them the entire utility bill, not a portion, not just a first page. If you don’t have a utility bill, because utilities are included in your lease, give Amazon the entire lease, and then highlight the portion separately. Respond to business verification or your account is at risk.

VORYS is at it again.

The VORYS law firm has OtterBox, Tow Bow, and dozens of other brands that it has been retained to harass sellers. If you receive a VORYS letter, look at it carefully. The vast majority of the claims that we have seen asserted by VORYS are absolutely and entirely baseless, but sometimes there are some valid claims mixed in there, and you need to know which is which.

Inauthentic Suspensions

Inauthentic suspensions have historically been the number one cause of Amazon sellers getting their listing suspended and Amazon sellers temporarily losing their accounts. If you get an inauthentic claim, you need to submit an invoice. Don’t redact anything. Don’t put any handwriting on it. Hopefully, the source will answer the phone calls from Amazon and all the information regarding you as the purchaser matches your Amazon account. Good invoices lead to quick reinstatements and even though it doesn’t make much sense, you have to submit a short, concise well-drafted plan of action.

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