The Discovery Process: Bring Amazon to Arbitration for Expedited or Non-Expedited Cases to Resolve

If you were in court instead of arbitration, you would go through what’s called the discovery process, which basically means both sides exchanging information.

A lot of times it’s documents. A lot of times it’s depositions where you question each other. There’s even an exchange of expert witness information that goes back and forth and arbitrations have a similar program of a discovery process.

Now, if it’s an expedited arbitration, the discovery is very limited.

You better have your proof without needing anything from Amazon. Although some arbitrators, even in expedited cases, will allow more discovery or compel more discovery than others.

The discovery process in non-expedited cases where you’re seeking more than $50,000 in damages or more than $50,000 in inventory, the discovery process is much more broad.

So make sure you think about it strategically, how much money is at stake? How much discovery do you need? Make sure that if you need a lot of information from Amazon, you’re going non-expedited because you’ll have a better chance of getting what you need from them.

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