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This is Amazon Sellers’ Breaking News for Thursday, September 12th, 2019.

One, intellectual property right issues behind Amazon’s listing policy suspensions, an increasing number of traditional intellectual property rights complaints against sellers, private label brand protection on the increase in advance of Q4, fair pricing suspensions, and also the third giant loophole that Amazon created for itself to avoid giving sellers 30 days notice before any suspension.

Listing policy violation where Amazon tells you that you violated it’s listing policy. They suspend the account, they suspend the listing, but then in that email it refers you to read about Amazon’s policies on intellectual property complaints. The crossover is that they don’t give you the name, email, or even the company that may have asserted an intellectual property rights complaint. What we suspect is that Amazon is engaging in brand protection without the brands actually making a complaint. Maybe it’s because Amazon is continuing on this path of being brand centric.

More Sellers’ Breaking News: Traditional intellectual property rights complaints against third party sellers continue to rise. Intellectual property rights complaints against sellers are on the rise by large brands, by smaller brands, by all brands.

Those sellers out there who are riding the way with a future and developing their own private label brands have got to learn how to protect those brands. You need to build into your private label brand something that takes your product outside of the first sale doctrine. The first sale doctrine allows anybody to buy and sell basically anything that they want as long as they consumers receiving a product that is not materially different. The trick for a private label brand is to build something into your warranty or some type of extra service that a third party seller who is not authorized cannot deliver.

Fair pricing suspensions and antitrust litigation. About six months ago, Amazon announced that it would no longer require Amazon sellers to have the lowest prices on Amazon. The reason they did that, or the reason we believe they did that is because Amazon was subject to antitrust litigation by the United States government.

Today we will be releasing our video on the third loophole that Amazon built into your new terms of service to avoid giving you the promised 30 day pre suspension Notice.

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