If you’ve received a baseless complaint from a brand, we can help you with getting a retraction.

Brands Asserting Baseless Complaints Against Sellers – Rights Owner Letters Winning Retractions

Amazon sellers, this is the incredible, the awesome, Brianna London. She’s helping me get content to you & she’s a whole lot more interesting than I am 🙂 Today we’re talking about rights owner letters and baseless IP complaints on the Amazon platform.

CJ Rosenbaum – So my understanding is, today, you sent out about a dozen rights owner letters.

Briana London – Absolutely.

CJ Rosenbaum – What is a rights owner letter?

Briana London – A rights owner letter is what we send to brands who assert intellectual property complaints against our clients.

CJ Rosenbaum – So whether the complaint is baseless / totally bogus or the complaint is valid, our process is the exact same. We reach out to the complainant first, we try and get a retraction, and then we do a plan of action.

Briana London – Absolutely.

CJ Rosenbaum – Now the case you dealt with today, what was the deal? Were the complaints baseless or do they have merit?

Briana London – Absolutely baseless. My client has never sold a product and never has any intention on selling the product, but the rights owner asserted a counterfeit complaint against them.

CJ Rosenbaum – I love this. Why do I love counterfeit complaints when you have no sales? One, they’re totally baseless. That means the seller has a lot of leverage against whoever made that BS complaint. If you never sold a product and you get a counterfeit, you have defamation per se, which is a legal theory, a legal liability. Also, interference with your contract with Amazon. We use these claims, that you can actually assert against the complainant to get the retractions.

Briana London – Absolutely. So when the complainant reads these, oftentimes, they immediately retract because they don’t want to hold themselves up to any liability.

CJ Rosenbaum – Now you sent out 11 letters this morning…

Briana London – Yes.

CJ Rosenbaum – And have you already started to receive some responses?

Briana London – Absolutely.

CJ Rosenbaum – Brand owners & IP complainants fear Brianna. She’s already getting some of these complaints retracted. What I think is also really cool, is that if you’re an Amazon seller, and you have a bunch of complaints against you, your account goes down. You don’t need to get a hundred percent of them retracted. You just need to start getting some traction and then we can get your account reinstated.