Why AMZ BRAND REGISTRY is important for sellers in 2020 & Amazon late shipping information.

Amazon has now said, “Don’t ship us anything that’s non-essential.”

There’s also issues with Amazon’s brand registry shipping & a ton of sellers are getting suspended for late shipments, high ODR rates & all sorts of things.

Amazon is aware of tremendous shipping problems and it doesn’t just include drop shippers, it is shipping across the United States and around the world. Shipments are coming in late. So what do you do? You want to change your shipping details. You may also want to take some listings out of your account, put them on vacation mode and stop them. Even though Amazon is painfully aware that shipping is a problem, they’re still suspending sellers’ accounts for late shipments when they know it is an absolute problem that Amazon retail is facing.

If you have AMZ brand registry, you want to make sure that consumers are actually receiving your products.

It also has to do with brand protection, making sure consumers are receiving genuine products. If it’s a private label brand, you want to make sure you’re putting something into your brand, something into your warranty, that other sellers cannot deliver. Protect every sale. This is absolutely vital information.

We write the best plans of action for suspended AMZ sellers in the world.

There is no team better than mine at writing persuasive and winning plans of action. You want to identify who you hired, what their job’s going to be, what software they’re using. Give names. Give telephone numbers. Say, “Hey Amazon. If you want to actually speak to our new employee, call them at this number and they’ll pick up the phone.” Amazon makes plenty of calls to suppliers and distributors. Maybe they’ll even call your staff. If you’re automating your system, put right in the plan of action what you are switching to, what you are automating, and why. What aspect of human error are you taking out of the equation?

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