Book Sellers on AMZ: How to Handle Correspondence from O+Z Law Firm

How to handle correspondence from the O+Z law firm.

We have a bunch of clients selling books on Amazon and inevitably, end up getting some type of notification from Amazon that O+Z law has filed an intellectual property complaint.

The O+Z law firm is well-established and we have a working rapport with them. We have been working with them for years now, and just like an Amazon seller, as an entrepreneur who owns the law firm O+Z, they had to also get up to speed. So initially, they were absolutely buried in books, and they kept ordering books to their own warehouse and they had problems. They had to have a learning curve. They fine-tuned their system a bit now, but they still are asserting, what we believe, is a lot of baseless IP complaints with a net that’s just too broad.

When O+Z law firm reaches out to sellers, we reach out to O+Z.

Matt Oppenheimer is a smart guy and a good lawyer, but we also go straight to Amazon with some of their complaints. As a matter of fact, sometimes we end up hitting a stalemate with O+Z where they won’t budge and we don’t want to end up damaging our client even further. So instead of addressing O+Z, the best opportunity for our client is to go straight to Amazon and show how O+Z has not been trying to reach an amicable resolution at any point.

If you’re a bookseller selling McGraw-Hill, Cengage, Pearson, or any other branded books & you receive something from the O+Z law firm, call us 1-877-9-SELLER.

Sometimes we resolve cases with them. We’ve dealt with litigation against them. We’ve also been successful in getting Amazon to reinstate your accounts regardless of Oppenheimer’s position on your case.