Bad Actors STEALING Copyright Material & Making False Complaints Against Sellers

I got bad news for sellers today. This is breaking news and it’s all bad and it’s a growing trend and you absolutely need to know about it. So what am I talking about here?

There are boatloads of Amazon sellers, mostly of which who are located in China, that are taking your copyright material, your pictures, your verbiage, and they are registering those images and those names and verbiage with the United States Copyright Office. They are obtaining copyright registration numbers, and then making complaints against you, the brand owner, the private label brand owner.

They’re actually making complaints against you, even though you are the one that created the picture. Now, copyright law is different than most other types of intellectual property. In copyright, you don’t have to register anything. You own the copyright interest as soon as you create it and save it in any format. But you don’t register it and it’s not really cost-effective to register it. But these other bad guys, they are registering it and they’re making complaints on Amazon.

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What we show Amazon, what we show their copyright office to invalidate their registration, is that you created it before the bad guy registered it.

To learn more about copyright law & false complaints against sellers, donate just $1 to the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation. You can download our book, the Amazon Sellers’ Guide to Copyright Law, and it takes the law and specifically discusses it in a way that pertains specifically to you, the Amazon based business owner.

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