CJ Rosenbaum talks to Dana Rodriguez, one of our many great paralegals here at Rosenbaum Famularo, PC, law firm behind AmazonSellersLawyer.com. Dana won a case recently regarding related accounts.

Related Amazon Accounts: It is against Amazon’s policy to operate more than one seller account, unless Amazon gives you approval.

The client first hired us because she opened an Amazon account and got suspended right away. We thought there was a verification problem, so we sent Amazon the Seller Performance, which is everything needed to sign up for a seller account (business license, credit card information, etc.) Nothing was working. We were then notified by Amazon that she had a second seller’s account.

We then let Amazon know that we wanted to erase the account that the client was trying to make and just be reinstated on the first account. We didn’t hear a response so we wrote another POA. We thought it was a dead end from there but then we got the news that their first account was reinstated and the second account was to be left alone.

If you get caught with related accounts, it’s always easier to get the older account back rather than the newer account.

Related Account Suspension Reinstatement

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