Amazon Sellers News 11/6/19 with CJ Rosenbaum: ASIN Variation Issues, IP Complaints by Non Rights Owners, Hijackers Attacking Private Label Branded Listings

ASIN variation suspensions are increasing with parent-child problems, listing problems, spelling things wrong.

In Q4, you have got to be dead on with your listing and Amazon is picking up even the smallest mistakes, so be aware, check your listings, make sure they’re dead on.

We’re continuing to see a ton of trademark, copyright and false counterfeit complaints, but what is really shocking is the number of seller vs. seller complaints by non rights owners.

Other sellers are making complaints even though they don’t own the intellectual property rights to anything at all. You develop a private label product with a trademark, you get brand registry, you start doing well and what happens? You have a hijacker. The hijackers are generally people in companies that have vendor accounts who are able to access your listing. They change your listing a bit to their own brand and then they make an IP complaint against you. We have seen this issue dozens of times. If you’re a private label seller and you have hijackers on your listing or your listing has suddenly been changed, make sure you get in contact with us. We can help you get back control of your listing.

Private label sellers, here is your tip of the day.

You need to take your products outside of the first sale doctrine. The first sale doctrine generally says that anybody can buy and sell anything that they want. They can buy your pen and they can sell your pen. Now, in order to take it outside the first sale doctrine, you have to make sure that the consumer receives something from you that they cannot get from an unauthorized seller. This is usually able to be accomplished by way of a warranty, but every single product is different. The key is to get your product what you delivered to the consumer outside of the first sale doctrine.

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