Amazon Sellers’ News 12/31/19 with CJ Rosenbaum: Amazon “RETURNUARY,” A to Z Claims, Related Accounts, 3 IP Issues for Sellers

January is the #1 month for returns from all those Christmas sales.

You have to evaluate these returns and sellers, you should expect returns for nonsense reasons. Also, be prepared to let sellers get over on you just a little bit to protect the lifeblood of your account. Sellers all over the world are already seeing a tremendous increase in returns.

Related Seller Accounts

Post-Christmas sellers are getting hit with related accounts. If you are operating more than one account, be extremely careful. If you are not operating more than one account, don’t start right now. Give it a few weeks, give it another month or so until the heat lets off a little bit and then be ultra-careful if you decide to violate the contract and open up more than one account.

Sellers are getting nailed more and more by printing their own shirts with other company’s logos.

It could be sports teams, it could be rock bands, it could be logos of fashion. You cannot take somebody else’s logo, trademark, whatever and stick it on your own hat, shirt, jersey or accessory.

Private Label Brand Protection

As sellers are developing their own name brand, those name brands need to be protected just like the big guys. So if you’ve developed your own private label brand, you need to monitor it, you need to register it, then you need to get rid of hijackers to protect your sales.

As I reported to you last week, we have started a lawsuit on behalf of a seller against the NFL players association and Dallas Cowboys Merchandising.

We’ve received other calls. We are now going to take on at least one more case.

If any seller watching this video is selling Dallas Cowboys or any other NFL franchise products and you have received a baseless complaint accusing you of selling counterfeit products, please get in touch immediately.

You have been accused of a crime. Your business has been put at risk for a baseless claim. We need to hear from you.

If you’ve been suspended on Amazon, contact us for a free consultation: 1-877-9-SELLER.

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