Amazon Sellers’ News 12/26/19 with CJ Rosenbaum: Temporary Restraining Orders Against Amz Sellers, Seller Code of Conduct Suspensions, Medical Claims, Post-Christmas Returns

Court orders against Amazon sellers.

The northern district of Illinois in Chicago issues a huge number of temporary restraining orders against Amazon sellers. The vast majority of these orders are against sellers located in China, but we fear that the number of sellers in the United States who are going to be victimized by these court orders is going to increase dramatically.

Seller code of conduct suspensions.

We’re seeing a rise in this particular type of suspension, where sellers are lowering their prices less than the cost in order to increase their ranking and overall business. You need to be super careful if you’re doing this. Avoid coupons that are way overboard, like 90% or 95% off.

Medical claim suspensions.

If you’re selling a product, you need to make sure you avoid being accused of claiming to treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition. We have seen these types of suspensions when it comes to nutritional supplements. We’ve seen them when it comes to heart rate monitors or listening devices to babies in the womb.

Post-Christmas returns.

I want every single Amazon seller out there to expect returns of other sellers’ products. I want you to expect returns of products that the consumers used, like Christmas sweaters, Christmas pajamas, and they used it, they wore it, and now they’re sending it back. I want you to expect returns of products that were broken, and what I want you to do is business analysis. Is it better for your long term business just to accept the consumer’s claims against you, even though they’re entirely baseless, give them a refund, offer them a free product, in order to avoid an account / listing suspension? We are big believers in watching your account for the long term, and if it means letting a few consumers get over on you, sometimes you have to take it. So make that analysis, even when you know the consumer’s complaint is entirely bogus, especially with a huge amount of returns that are expected to start today.

If you’ve been suspended on Amazon, contact us for a free consultation: 1-877-9-SELLER.

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