Amazon Sellers’ News 12/24/19: Intellectual Property Issues, Business Verification, Related Amz Seller Accounts, Suing NFL for Baseless Complaints

Intellectual property rights complaints.

You do not need any brand’s permission or authorization to sell their product. In the United States, the first sale doctrine applies, and as long as the consumer is receiving a product that is not materially different than what that consumer would receive from a brick and mortar store, you are 100% okay. Very few big brands have built anything into their products that stop you from buying and reselling their products.

New sellers continuing to have problems with business verification.

If you’re sending in a document to Amazon to verify your business, everything’s got to match your account for Amazon to approve it. If you do not have a utility bill, get a lease that indicates who pays the utilities, and that should satisfy Amazon’s business verification issues.

Related Amazon seller accounts.

This time of year, especially during the Christmas holiday when people are traveling, you need to be extremely careful where you log into your account from. If you’re going to your family’s or someone else’s home, a seller doesn’t log on without using a VPN. If you go to a McDonald’s, a hotel, shared office space, WeWork, any of that kind of stuff, make sure you’re using a VPN.

Amazon Sellers’ News 12/24/19 - lawsuit against NFLPA

Suing the NFL for baseless complaints.

We are suing the Dallas Cowboys for making totally baseless complaints against one of our sellers who lost a boatload of money, and he’s not going to take it. So by the time you are seeing this news program, this law firm has sued the National Football League, the Dallas Cowboys, and the NFL players association for making 100% baseless IP complaints against one of our clients.


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