Amazon Sellers’ News 1/6/20 with CJ Rosenbaum: Sellers not selling pesticides suspended for not being compliant with Amazon’s pesticide rules, Sellers getting suspended when they change credit cards, Rights owners’ complaints on third-party sellers.

Sellers who are not selling pesticides are being suspended for not being compliant with Amazon’s pesticide rules.

So what are sellers doing? What is working? Well, there’s a Cajun saying that says it’s easier to ride the horse in the direction it’s going. So what sellers are doing very successfully are simply taking the online pesticide course, passing it and then they are able to sell. So sometimes you gotta bite the bullet even though it doesn’t make sense and keep your business alive.

Sellers have been getting suspended when they change credit cards.

We see this about three or four times a year with a whole rash of suspensions for this ridiculous reason. If you get suspended simply by changing your credit card, you have to deal with it. If at all possible, don’t ever change anything on your Amazon sellers account. Not your bank account, not your name, not your address, not your credit card, unless it is expired.

Rights owners’ complaints continue to be the bane of existence for third-party sellers.

If you receive an IP complaint, you need to make sure that whoever asserted that complaint actually owns something. You would not believe the number of complaints that come from seller versus seller where they don’t own anything. If you are a private label brand, which I highly recommend you get into, then you need to know how to protect every single one of your sales. Get the trademark through IP Accelerator, monitor your listings, make sure your products are outside the first sale doctrine, and make sure that you check the rest of our website for information on private label brand development and protecting your sales.

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