Amazon Sellers’ News 1/3/20 with CJ Rosenbaum:

1. Amazon sellers continuing to get stuck with business verification issues.

2. Inauthentic suspensions rising since December, and now it’s at a critical point.

3. If selling branded products or your own, know about the 1st sale doctrine.

Amazon sellers are continuing to get stuck with business verification issues.

It’s been hitting newer sellers more than experienced sellers for the last couple of weeks, but if you have to verify your business, make sure every single document matches: name, address, email, phone number as much as possible. Make sure you either have a utility bill or it’s in your lease who’s covering utilities and that will get you through business verification suspensions and holding your money.

Inauthentic suspensions have been rising since December 30th and now it’s at a critical point.

If you are receiving may be inauthentic issues on your dashboard, it includes consumer complaints and also possibly brand complaints or Amazon retail getting on top of you. Do not let these things slide. You need to address them as soon as they come in, whether you get a listing suspension, your whole account goes down, or nothing happens to your account. You need to show authenticity, where you source your products from, to get those off your account as soon as possible.

If you’re a 3rd party seller selling other branded products, you need to know about the 1st sale doctrine.

You need to make sure your products are genuine, of course, and what the consumer is receiving is not materially different from what that consumer would receive if they bought the product directly from the brand or from a brick and mortar store. If you are a private label seller, if you’re developing your own brand or you have already developed a monster brand and are selling on Amazon, you need to also know all about the first sale doctrine. What you need to do is to build something into your product so that other people in companies cannot obtain your inventory and sell it. You need to take it outside of the first sale doctrine. Whether you are selling other branded products or your own brand, you need to know about the first sale doctrine.

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