Amazon Sellers’ News 1/2/2020 with CJ Rosenbaum: Sellers Suspended for Seeking Feedback Removal, Jumping into a Product that is Restricted, Rights Owners with Trademarks/Brand Registry

Make sure you’re not jumping into a product that is restricted.

Be careful. Amazon is right on this at the beginning of the year. We haven’t seen it for a few weeks, but in January 2020, restricted product suspensions are absolutely on Amazon’s front burner.

Sellers suspended for their efforts to remove negative feedback.

If you’re using a third party vendor, you are responsible for whatever that company does to try and get feedback removed. Make sure either you’re doing it yourself or you know exactly what that vendor’s doing for you because Amazon is watching feedback removal like a hawk.

If you have developed your private label brand, you are a rights owner.

Most likely you have a brand registry, and if you’re doing it now over the last month or so, you’ve probably used Amazon’s IP accelerator program. You need to be very, very careful because rights owners have been getting suspended at an alarming rate for their removal of hijackers. If you are trying to take other sellers off your listing, you have to make sure you have a solid basis. Your products are outside the first sale doctrine, meaning the consumer is not receiving the same thing, or the other seller is hijacking your trademark or using your copyright or violating your patent.

If you’re a rights owner, if you have a private label brand, you need to be careful about how you enforce your rights because Amazon is striking back against baseless complaints. If you need help protecting your private label brand, there is nobody better on earth at protecting Amazon sellers’ private label brands than our law firm. We protect brands the right way. We don’t use a buckshot approach. We can help you protect every single sale and make sure that your private label product is outside the first sale doctrine.

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