Amazon Sellers’ News 1/13/20: Dog Toy Sellers Receiving VORYS Letters, Setting Lawsuits & TROs, Seller Business Verification

Business Verification

For the new sellers out there trying to open accounts, we are seeing Amazon crackdown on the registration process when it comes to a physical address. We do know that in the past, PO boxes as a business location or a business address has been accepted, but recently we are seeing a lot of sellers being rejected because of the PO box. Amazon would rather see a physical location where products will be stored or where products will be returned.

Dog Toy Sellers

If you are selling dog toys, specifically Kong, and you are not receiving them from an authorized distributor, we highly suggest that you stop because they are sending out VORYS letters. You don’t want to receive one of those. So, just make sure if you’re not receiving them from authorized distributors, then to remove them.

Setting Lawsuits & TROs

For those of you that have settled a lawsuit recently and the temporary restraining order has been removed, just keep in mind that it can take months for your funds and your assets to be released from Amazon. Amazon is an outside party, so this really does require its compliance. So, just be patient, your money will be returned.

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