AMZ Insider Info 2/18/20 with CJ Rosenbaum: ABH Pharmaceutical complaints against sellers, Project Zero misuse, Brand registered sellers and accounts getting hacked, Boatload of baseless copyright complaints against sellers.

Boatload of baseless copyright complaints against sellers.

Copyright almost always pertains to pictures and verbiage in Amazon listings. It could also include things you add to the packaging, package inserts (which is written material / copyright). We have seen just a boatload of baseless copyright complaints against sellers all over the world. Mostly the United States, but literally all over earth, sellers are getting hit with baseless copyright complaints. If you have one on your account, you have to figure out, one, did you violate? Because if the brand itself uploaded it, they waived their rights on that listing. Or did another seller create the listing and maybe they’re the ones that violated? Copyright complaints against sellers are absolutely increasing.

ABH Pharmaceutical complaints against sellers.

ABH Pharmaceutical. It’s a manufacturer that creates different products for sellers like you to sell. You develop a private label brand, you have a supplement or some other thing made by ABH. What happened is ABH made an email dump to Amazon and made complaints against sellers that never even used ABH to make their products. If your listing / account has gone down because Amazon has taken ABH’s email list and knocked you down even though you never used them to manufacture your product, we can absolutely help you.

Project Zero misuse.

Project Zero is one of these programs that Amazon instituted to help private label sellers and to help brands protect themselves against counterfeiters. If you’re selling gray market goods and they’re absolutely genuine, it shouldn’t hurt you and you should not have any problem with it. Project Zero is being abused. If you have a project zero complaint, get in touch with my client relations team 1-877-9-SELLER. We will help you help yourself.

Brand registered sellers and accounts being hacked.

We see hackings about every three to six months. There’ll be 20, 30, 40 hacked sellers calling us. We’re seeing a wave now of the same thing except the difference is it’s brand registered accounts that are being hacked. What happens generally is your bank account gets changed. Also, you see your money’s getting diverted. You get an email, you log back in, you do the two-step verification, you change it, it gets changed again until the account gets shut down. If this happens to you, you can get your money and / or accounts back. To Amazon’s credit, they have done a tremendous job on every single case we’ve been involved in where there’s been a hacking and we have recovered every single seller’s account.

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