Amazon’s Temporary Vacation Mode EXPLAINED: AMZ Suspensions, Order Defect Rates (ODRs), Warehouse Management

Amazon Sellers Lawyer - Alexa AlersToday’s helpful tips you can put into action if you are planning on taking a gap day on this 4th of July holiday coming up. For those of you who aren’t celebrating anything, this is just a helpful tip for any type of vacation you’re planning on taking in the future.

For those taking the Friday off before 4th of July, or anyone taking a day off before/after any holiday, remember to put your Amazon storefront in vacation mode.

This can save you from getting any kind of issues with your Order Defect Rate (ODR), or any other type of shipping issue if your warehouse, or you (whoever handles your orders) are not going to be present to be monitoring your Amazon store.

Please keep this in mind during any holiday.

This can help you avoid a suspension down the road for something that could have been easily prevented.

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