Amazon Vendors Not Getting Paid – Take AMZ to Arbitration to Recover Funds for Sellers

Arbitration against Amazon is not just for third-party sellers, but also for Amazon vendors.

So if you’re an Amazon vendor, and Amazon has stopped paying its bills, stopped paying your invoices and now owes you a boatload of money, number one, stop sending in inventory. Okay, just stop. I know it hurts not to have that expectation of getting paid, but the rule of holes is really simple, when you are in a hole, stop digging.

So if Amazon owes you a lot of money, stop sending in more inventory.

Number two, you can take Amazon to arbitration and take the decision about compelling their payment to you out of its hands. Now, during that arbitration, Amazon will likely be compelled to reveal why it is refusing to pay your bills, or Amazon will settle and cut you a check.

So let’s take the scenario of Amazon refusing to pay its bills because of counterfeit complaints. Now, we’ve had this issue before, almost $2 million, Amazon kept ordering inventory, but refusing to pay. Amazon then told this particular vendor to open up another account and they’d start the process over again and they did. They ordered products. They paid. Then they stopped paying.

So the bottom line is this, if you’re an Amazon vendor & Amazon owes you money & is not paying you, stop sending in products, contact us for a free consultation so we can explore whether or not arbitration to recover funds is the right way to go.

Seven days a week, 365 days a year, we can help you resolve issues with Amazon.


When Amazon refuses to reinstate accounts or release sellers’ money, we take Amazon to arbitration.