1. Business Verification Suspensions
  2. Seller Misconduct Suspensions
  3. Message Tab Changed in Amazon Seller Dashboard
  4. Suspected Intellectual Property Violation
  5. Amazon’s Neutral Patent Evaluation

Amazon Suspension News Update

1. Business verification suspensions are all of a sudden spiking.

I don’t know why. I know it’s the tremendous growth in the number of Amazon sellers or that Amazon is beginning to vet new sellers more.

This is how we are winning business verification issues:

One, everything sent to Amazon must match. If you are submitting your corporation documents, your lease, phone records, utility bills, etc., you want everything to match 100%. You want the names on each of the accounts to match. If your Amazon account is opened up in an entity, but your phone bill is in your personal name, that could spark a problem. It’s better to have everything match. ALL names need to match.

We’ve seen sellers submit corporate telephone and utility bills where they’ve created the account in another corporation. It seems silly that Amazon would care about this, but it definitely gums up the work. If one’s a cooperation and the other, an LLC, that is not a match.

Give Amazon what they’re looking for. If it delays you a bit, I think it’s better to slow things down and to get it right the first time rather than have this problem in the future.

Also, it seems to be hitting foreign sellers more than domestic sellers. Sellers located in the United States seem to be getting a lot less business verification issues. Although you are getting them, if you’re a seller located in another country, you’re getting a larger proportion of these issues.

Business verification suspensions are just really high and we expect that to continue. If you have any questions or concerns, we’re winning these cases. We’re happy to pay it forward to give you this information.

2. Seller misconduct suspensions started growing.

Seller misconduct is just going up and up and up. It definitely seems that Amazon is combining a lot of different reasons into one. If you get one of those and want more information, we are happy to provide you a free consultation 1-877-9-SELLER.

3. The message tab in your dashboard has changed, at least for a significant number of sellers.

So take a look at it, make sure you know how to use the new tab. Just for the short term, if you get a message, I want you to copy and paste the order number and just run a search and make sure that you don’t have any issues with your customers. Make sure you have no issues with Amazon. We want to avoid suspensions at all costs. We’ve seen many, many rollouts over the years, and what Amazon will often do is just change the dashboard for some sellers but not all.

4. Suspected intellectual property issues.

If you receive this, take it as a godsend. Take this as a really good message to you that you get to address what Amazon is possibly perceiving as an intellectual property violation.

Be a trademark or copyright or trade dress or patent or whatever it is, and address it right away. Address it before your listing goes down, address it before your account goes down. So if you received a message that there’s a suspected intellectual property violation for any of your products, you need to address it head on. Again, it’s always best to deal with these things before it’s an emergency. It’s always best to address it before your ASIN or account goes down. Don’t ignore it.

5. Amazon’s neutral patent evaluation.

We protect private label sellers every single day. If you have your own brand, we can help you develop it, police your brand, and get rid of hijackers. We can help you build your warranty and build things into your product that hijackers can’t deliver.

We will look at the patent and then we’ll look at the hijackers to see whether or not they have changed the product enough to pass what’s called the Egyptian Goddess Test.

So far, we are really liking Amazon’s neutral patent evaluation program.

Retail Global Gold CoastThe last thing I want to talk to you about is an incredible event in Gold Coast Australia, May 28th – 30th, called Retail Global Gold Coast.

If you have a private label brand and are in Australia, CJ will be there teaching sellers how to protect their brand from hijackers, and how to develop, police and protect intellectual property rights.

Have you been suspended on Amazon?

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