Amazon Settlement Payouts – How to Safely Resolve Lawsuits & Get Back to Selling Online

Amazon sellers reaching resolutions with big brands that have sued you.

Today, I’m going to talk about how to pay those settlements in a way that gets your accounts back, gets you back in business as quickly as possible. And the big difference is, whether you’re going to pay from your funds within your Amazon account or wire money.

So, here’s the story. You can settle these cases by paying through the money frozen in your Amazon account, but it’s going to take six weeks or more because Amazon takes its really sweet time releasing the money where it’s got to go.

The better way to resolve these cases is to actually take more money out of your pocket, as distasteful as that might be, and wire it to the other side. You’ve already negotiated, you’ve already reached a deal.

You want to get back to selling, wire the money, they receive it the same day and then your account should be reinstated within a day or so. Rather than waiting six weeks for Amazon to send your money over and then a few more days for reinstatement. So even though it hurts, the goal is to get back into business as quickly as possible. So if you have resolved a lawsuit against you, if you have resolved the temporary restraining order against you, wire the funds, don’t use the money you have within your Amazon account.

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