Amazon Sellers Reply to Lawsuits Compelling Big Brands to Disclose Information

Today’s breaking news is all good, it’s power for Amazon sellers.

But first I’m standing here by the world famous Roscoe Diner, which is the gateway to Oneonta New York. The greatest town and where the greatest college on earth exists, where I learned everything I need to know about life. Awesome, SUNY Oneonta. So here’s today’s incredible break news for Amazon sellers…

If you’ve been sued by a major brand, or you received a threatening letter from a law firm called Vorys, you have incredible options available to you.

By formally responding to the lawsuit, you turn the tables on the brand. You turn the tables on the lawyers who are going after you, by compelling them under Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, to disclose every witness they have against you, every document they have against you, a full calculation of actual damages (not BS damages), anything that they can prove.

And then they have the burden of contacting the court and scheduling a conference with you. You turn the tables for all the costs, all the time, all of the money onto the other side. And that’s when they come knocking on your door to resolve issues with you. So, reply to lawsuits.

Last but not least Amazon sellers, if you have not obtained your insurance, you better do so yesterday. Amazon is sending notices and you need to have your certificate of insurance before Amazon contacts you, reach out to Ashlin Hadden for your insurance.


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