Today’s Amazon Sellers’ News 9/24/19 stories with CJ Rosenbaum:

Inauthentic Suspensions & Invoices, New TOS & other Vital News for Amazon Sellers.

AMAZON USING LANGUAGE FROM NEW TOS IN SUSPENSION EMAILS; Amazon Sellers Developing Traditional Businesses to Protect their Amazon Sellers' Accounts; Increase in the number of InauthenticListing Suspensions and what invoices should and should not contain.

Posted by Amazon Sellers' Lawyer on Tuesday, 24 September 2019

HUGE NEWS about:

  1. Amazon’s new Terms of Service – Amazon employing its new TOS in account & listing suspension emails to sellers.
  2. Amazon sellers growing and protecting their businesses – developing and operating like traditional businesses.
  3. Increase and resolution of inauthentic suspensions – what your invoices should contain).
  4. Potential criminal liability against Amazon sellers – at risk of civil and criminal liability.

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