• Amazon & Antitrust Laws: Listing violation suspensions are decreasing.
  • Slow down in restricted product suspensions.
  • IP complaint retractions.
  • Intellectual Property Issues: Trademark, Copyright, First Sale Doctrine.
  • The new Terms of Service for sellers.

Today’s Amazon Sellers News 9/16/19:

The first breaking news story is that there has been a dramatic decrease for listing violation suspensions based upon your pricing. Last week, we reported several times that we thought this was an end run against the antitrust laws in the United States. Amazon was suspending sellers for pricing issues when it promised it would not require sellers to have the lowest prices on Amazon.

The number of restricted product suspensions is also down since last week. What you need to know to make good business decisions is that the suspected intellectual property violations in your account health is not only live and active, but now Amazon is requiring you to submit Plans of Action for these.

Listings are going down left and right. You need to draft a Plan of Action to submit to Amazon. You need to try and get any IP issues retracted if you can identify who made the complaint. Because in account health, Amazon is not telling you where the complaint is coming from.

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We have seen a steady climb in the number of intellectual property rights complaints. This is what Amazon needs to know about trademark complaints. You cannot take somebody else’s logo and stick it on your hat and shirt. This is clear trademark violation.

If you’re selling products not covered under the first sale doctrine:

Intellectual property right complaints come from products and lots of times, you are protected under the first sale doctrine, but you need to make sure that you’re not unbundling, repackaging, or somehow taking those products outside of the first sale doctrine that makes a trademark complaint valid.

When it comes to sellers and copyright issues, this is what you need to know:

Copyright issues pertains to images and verbiage. You cannot scrape pictures from websites and stick them on a listing, and you cannot copy and paste their verbiage either. That’s what Amazon sellers need to know about copyright. If you have been falsely accused of violating someone’s copyright, you have the power of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act counter notice program. It only pertains to copyrights, but Amazon sellers, you are not impotent. You can use counter notices very effectively, especially if you’re a seller outside of the United States.

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