Amazon Sellers’ News 10/7/19: What Amazon is looking for in Plans of Action, Used Sold as New suspensions, Related Account suspensions, global events for Amazon sellers & more.

Business verification suspensions are up, and business verification requests are increasing every single day.

In the new Terms of Service, Amazon has reserved for itself and built into the contract the right to continuously ask experienced sellers to provide business verification documentation. And if you’ve been watching these breaking news pieces, get your documents in order, keep them at the ready so you can respond to Amazon’s request with business verification documents as soon as the email comes into your box.

Related account suspensions are again rising.

Now, unfortunately, there’s a wave of related account suspensions. But Ashley DiPinto updated our entire paralegal team about how we are winning related account suspensions. These used to be very difficult, they’re still a bit challenging, but Ashley, a huge member of our team, is winning these cases with her team of paralegals.

Incredible upcoming events for Amazon sellers.

October 10th, online, SellerLabs’ Online Amazon Summit. You don’t need to go anywhere at all.

October 14th in Delhi, India, Even if you’re not meeting me in Delhi, go to and start exploring India as another place to source your products for private label sellers. You have to source in places other than China to build value in your business.

October 27th, 28th, and 29th, Global Sources in Hong Kong.

EcomChicago, October 16th, 17th, and 18th in Schaumburg, Illinois. Ecom Chicago is an awesome event for Amazon sellers. Great speakers, a great event where sellers share information.

If you really want to know what Amazon’s team looks for in your plans of action, if you really want to know what they look for when someone makes an IP complaint, you have to go to the source of information, which is India.

I’m taking a trip to Hyderabad and we have meetings lined up with former Amazon staff so I can get one on one information on what they are trained to look for in your plans of action, and also how they’re looking at intellectual property complaints. If you want your questions asked, email them to me, and I have several different people lined up for an hour each. I will ask whatever questions you send to me,, where you can get your questions answered by Amazon’s own staff.

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