Amazon Sellers’ News 10/2/19 with CJ Rosenbaum:
Amazon’s New Terms of Service, Issues with Business Verification & New IP Accelerator Program

5 Breaking News Stories for Sellers in a Concise 5 Minute Video

1. Issues from New TOS – Business verification for ongoing accounts. Amazon requires ongoing document production, and sellers should be prepared.

2. IP Issues & Trademarks – Amazon’s new IP Accelerator Program. Amazon now has a new program where you apply for trademarks with lawyers on Amazon’s list. Amazon sellers can apply for immediate brand registry.

3. Intellectual Property Right Complaints Increasing – Multiple complaints against sellers, Suspected IP issues in dashboard, Baseless counterfeit complaints.

4. Global Events with CJ
• Oct. 10 @ 12:30pm Eastern Seller Labs – ONLINE SUMMIT
• 10/15 in Delhi –
• Oct 27-29, Global Sources in Hong Kong
• eCom Chicago Oct. 16-19

5. Submit Questions about POAs / IP Issue Resolutions – Submit Questions to CJ Rosenbaum – He will try and get YOUR questions answered.

Amazon’s new terms of service, in the very first paragraph, added, “business verification.”

We’re getting calls, chats, and emails from experienced sellers wondering what they need to do when Amazon is requesting business verification issues.

Experienced sellers, you need to be prepared to submit documents to Amazon. IP issues have to do with Amazon’s new IP Accelerator Program. It started just yesterday on Amazon. Amazon has a list of lawyers that it will recommend to you to apply for your trademark. Their fees are two/three times what other lawyers charge to file for trademarks and to do the searches, but by using their lawyers, you can register for brand registry before the trademark being approved in approximately nine months. There’s also a spot on the website where other lawyers can ask Amazon to give you a brand registry before the trademark being approved.

IP complaints continue to explode.

Sellers who’ve had dozens of IP complaints, getting one more and their accounts going down, sellers receiving their first intellectual property right complaints, and also private label sellers asserting their intellectual property rights against hijackers. IP complaints are rampant, we expect them to continue to grow throughout Q4 because brands want to control pricing. So if you’re selling branded products, make sure you’re not stealing images, make sure you’re not stealing verbiage, and make sure you’re selling genuine products so that if you receive these complaints and it affects your account, we can get you back on very quickly.

Amazon Sellers’ News 10/2/19: Incredible upcoming events for Amazon sellers.

SellerLabs has fantastic software and they’re having an online summit on October 10th about Amazon’s increasing level of control over sellers, and what you can do about it.

October 15th in Delhi, there’s a huge sourcing trip, “How to Source Products in India to Avoid the New Tariffs That Are Coming Into Place.” And just today on CNN, there was a news story about how the tariffs are finally going to start effecting consumers on electronics, on computers, on your cell phones. So if you are sourcing products in China, you have to start looking for alternative sources and India is a great place to go for textiles and handicrafts and leather goods.

On October 27th through the 29th, Global Sources in Hong Kong is a tremendous place to learn how to sell better and make more money. It also gives you access to thousands of Chinese factories. Also, factories from South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, and other countries will be all in the same building, so I can’t recommend Global Sources highly enough.

Last but not least, there is an incredible event in Schaumburg, Illinois, which is just outside of Chicago, eCom Chicago, where you’re going to hear from absolutely tremendous people that tell you how to sell better, do your listings better, and make more money on Amazon. If you want to know what Amazon’s team looks for in plans of action, if you want to know what, if any, training Amazon’s team has with regard to intellectual property right complaints, if you want to know what Notice-Dispute is looking for when you submit something to them, submit your questions to me.

I am headed to India on October 14th, I’m flying straight to Hyderabad, and I am setting up meetings with former employees of Amazon so I can get information as to what they look for and what they don’t want to see. It’s going to help us write better plans of action. But I want to give sellers all over the world the opportunity to submit questions to me, and I will personally be asking these former Amazon employees what they look for, I’m going to ask them the questions you submit.

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