Amazon Sellers’ News 10/18/19: Secret Info for Sellers from Amazon’s India Teams, Business Verification, Hacked Accounts & Design Patent Complaints

You can now use a lease as a utility bill.

If you do not have gas or electric or that is a part of your lease, then we highly suggest that you get a copy of the lease and maybe ask a landlord for a copy of the utility bills. That way, we can use them together and compare the addresses for Amazon.

Influx of clients coming to us after their account has been hacked.

When your account is hacked, Amazon does reach out to you. They request that you change the password as well as the email on your account. We highly suggest that you do that. After you reset your information, if you are back into your account and you are putting your bank information in, make sure that the bank information is correct, all of the numbers are correct. If you do give the wrong information, you have a higher risk of being locked out of your account.

Design patent complaints.

If you get a design patent complaint, we strongly urge you to check the application date as well as the USPTO. If the application date is found to be in commerce one year before the filing date, you can use this information to help you obtain a retraction or appeal for Amazon.

Business verification requests.

This has everything to do with Amazon’s ongoing and increased business verification. The utility bills Amazon is asking for that is so hard for sellers to get because many of your spaces don’t require you to have your own utility. What this person told me is that you should look at your lease. You should look at the lease and if the lease discusses utilities, use that instead of a utility bill.

So that’s what I learned today and that’s an outline of all the different departments where I have super-secret inside information directly from Amazon’s teams in India.

People from seller services, brand registry, customer complaints, data collection, finance and other teams at Amazon. Plus, one of the coolest teams that I got to talk to was a team of people that audits the auditors. So every team, seller performance, seller support, brand registry I also spoke with, all these different teams have a separate team that monitors what they’re doing and audits the team itself. Then those reports go to yet another team that does nothing but audit all of the teams. And I got to speak with people from that unit as well.

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