Amazon Sellers’ News 10/15/19: appeals for IP complaints, used sold as new suspensions, ASIN variation issues & more.

If you have complaints sitting around for a while, there’s a good chance you might have received one of these notices. In our experience, this tends to happen this time of year, given the upcoming black Friday holiday, that’s the largest sales volume day of the year. So in anticipation of that, Amazon tends to go around and inform sellers if they’ve got outstanding issues that they have 72 hours to resolve the complaint or issue with their account.

It’s very important that you handle any lingering complaints on your account, as well as going through your email because not all complaints are found in the performance notification section.

If you’ve got a buildup of IP complaints or used sold as new complaints, ASIN variation issues you’ve yet to address, it’s really important to resolve them now before it’s too late and you get one of these notices, putting a time constraint on how long you have to resolve it. If you’re unsure, have any questions or need our assistance, feel free to reach out. Somebody’s here to speak with you about these issues.

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