Amazon Sellers’ News 10/1/19: Locked out of an Amazon seller’s account? Intellectual property complaints, VORYS law firm threats & more.

Intellectual property rights complaints continue to roll in.

Many complaints are rolling in against third party sellers. Big giant well-known brands like Kenmore. Multiple health and beauty brands have been making just tons of complaints.

Vorys is sending out tons of complaints.

Private label sellers are also protecting their brands, which they should do. So if you’re a third party seller selling other brands, watch yourself. Make sure you’re not getting involved in brands that are starting to make huge numbers of complaints. If you are a private label seller, get your trademark from, or buy an ongoing business that has a trademark. We recommend Empire Flippers. Also, get the brand registry and protect your sale. When big brands or medium-sized brands have absolutely nothing on the seller, then they file counterfeit complaints. Either you didn’t deliver anything, or you sold genuine products, and that complaint is absolutely baseless, and you have tremendous leverage to get that complaint retracted.

Business verification has been huge – we’re seeing a flurry of calls coming in.

If you are opening up a new Amazon account or you recently opened up your new Amazon account, make sure you have all your documents in order. If you are an ongoing seller, the new terms of service require you to also have the same documents available for Amazon to verify your business. So experienced sellers, new sellers alike, keep your documents at their ready to submit to Amazon.

Used sold as new suspensions are back.

We’ve only seen these coming in for listing suspensions, not account suspensions over the last couple of days. That your packaging looks exactly like what a consumer would receive at a brick and mortar store. It’s absolutely vital to avoid used sold as new complaints.

October 10th online, you don’t need to travel anywhere. The Seller Labs online summit, Seller Labs online summit, October 10th. October 15th in Delhi, India. Learn how to source in India rather than China. Diversify where you get your products from. Avoid the extra tariffs in the Trump verse China trade war.

October 27 through 29, there are global sources in Hong Kong. If you go to global sources, you’re going to learn from a tremendous collection of speakers, and you could also source in the very same building without ever leaving the Hong Kong airport.

Last but not least, October 16th through the 19th, E-comm Chicago.

Blocked accounts where the seller doesn’t know why.

We are getting more and more calls, chats and emails to our website,, from sellers who are suddenly unable to log in. We have seen this problem about every year or so, every 18 months, where accounts have been hacked, and the money gets transferred to a Croatia or some other place. Hacked accounts could cause you to be locked out. We’ve also seen it where Amazon is accusing the seller of fraud, and these cases, you don’t find out what the fraud is until you bring Amazon to arbitration.

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