Inventory management tips – Learn how to manage your inventory as an Amazon seller (2020).

Hi, this is Brett Sondike with Amazon sellers lawyer, I want to talk to you today about inventory management.

We’ve seen a couple of times where a seller would run out of inventory, go out and purchase a similar like item and send that to the buyer. This could cause confusion to the buyer. And a lot of times you may get a complaint like an inauthentic complaint, even though you try to do the right thing for the buyer, what you may try to do is change the setting on your Amazon listing to show how many is left. When you do online arbitrage. You don’t have an inventory, you always run the risk of something going wrong.

Also, you may want to contact the buyer. If the buyer is amicable to this, then they may say well, you could offer them something like a higher model at the same price that you’re out of inventory at the lower one and they could get an upgrade on it. So it’s something you may consider as well. Don’t get caught with low inventory or you may run into problems.

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