Amazon Sellers, Get IP Complaints Retracted NOW! How We Get Rights Owner Complaints Withdrawn

When it comes to IP complaints, it doesn’t matter what type you have, whether it is a copyright, trademark, counterfeit, or patent complaint. We always generally recommend that you contact the complainant first, because the most effective way to get rid of an IP complaint is through a retraction by the complainant.

So one of the most important things in contacting the complainant is to make sure that you have a proper channel of sourcing for your products. This is related closely to the first sale doctrine, which says that if your products are legally / properly sourced, then you’re protected by US law to sell your products on Amazon.

If we’re able to demonstrate to the complainant that your products are sourced properly from a reputable distributor, for example, then they should retract and their complaint is in effect baseless. So we always recommend that you have invoices, either that or authorization letters from the distributor or even a manufacturer. These things are very helpful. And usually if those things are presented to the complainant, there’s a higher chance of retraction.

So, all of the things we try with complainants are various strategies, like giving up the listing. We also could have sell-off agreements, where we try to set up some sort of a time period where you could sell off the rest of your inventory before closing your listings, in order to get a retraction. And there’s various other methods that we use. But most importantly, again, proper sourcing is very important in a successful correspondence with the complainant.

So that’s basically the general strategy, the first steps that we use to contact complainants and deal with IP complaints. So if you have any IP complaints on your account, it’s very important to take care of them, to get rid of them, and we’re here to help you. We’re very experienced. Our law firm has many successes with getting retractions for IP complaints and we’re here always to help you.

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