Amazon Sellers Filing Baseless Complaints to Benefit Themselves

We all have heard baseless complaints. We all actually might’ve seen a baseless complaint on our accounts. Amazon has specific rules for filing complaints, but in terms of basic complaints, the rules are vague.

On Amazon’s seller policy & seller code of conduct, it states that sellers cannot file complaints that directly benefit themselves.

For example, if a seller is filing a complaint to reduce competition on a listing or to enforce some kind of a pricing policy, then they’re doing it to benefit themselves.

So let’s say you receive a counterfeit complaint and you’re actually selling genuine products and the counterfeit complaint is baseless, but it’s benefiting the seller, then you have a valid reason to show Amazon, you have a valid reason to reflect the Amazon policies against these baseless complaints.

Here at Rosenbaum Famularo, PC, we use these rules set up by Amazon in arguments against complainants to make them retract their complaints. So if you’re receiving a baseless complaint and you think that the complainant is filing these complaints to benefit themselves, then you should give us a call.

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