Amazon Sellers WRONGFULLY ACCUSED of Selling Counterfeits by Big Brands

Amazon sellers, I want you to boycott brands that are harming sellers needlessly. Here are two brands I want to make sure that none of you buy a single thing from.

The first is The Sharper Image.

When I was in law school, back in the early ’90s, Sharper Image was really cool. No more. Look at these products that Sharper Image is selling. A DVD player? Come on. A Hover Helmet? Take a look. These products are dilapidated and old. Even if you find a product you like at The Sharper Image, don’t buy it.

Boycott The Sharper Image because they are making complaints against Amazon sellers.

Also, I put up that Dallas Cowboys helmet for a reason. Run a search to know your power as an Amazon seller. Search Rosenbaum Famularo and the Dallas Cowboys. When you see what it is, you’ll know what I mean.

Sellers have power against big brands, including the Dallas Cowboys & The Sharper Image.

The next brand I want you to boycott is Radio Flyer.

They sell sleds. They sell carts to tow children in. They sell all sorts of things. Make sure you are not buying anything this year from Radio Flyer, because Radio Flyer is making complaints against Amazon sellers.

If you have been falsely accused of selling counterfeit products on Amazon, this is Neil Flynn. Neil Flynn and I go all the way back to elementary school. Neil got a 1600 on the SATs, way higher than me. Neil went to Columbia. Neil is a brilliant lawyer, and he now heads our litigation department.

If you have been wrongfully accused of selling counterfeit products by any brand, large or small, you have rights.

You have rights under the legal claims of defamation and intentional and/or negligent interference with contract. You can use these claims as leverage or if your damages warrant the cost of litigation, you can sue the brands.

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